OSM Supernova of the Year

Tweeples, Timelines and #Trenders who are slayin’ it on social media, one tweet/ post/ picture at a time

OSM Sports Star of the Year

The sportsperson with the strongest game - not just on the field, but also online

OSM Comedy Guru of the Year

The commander-in-chief of online comic relief

OSM Musician of the Year

Artists who scored big on a digital platform with their originals and/or covers

OSM Viral Personality of the Year

The overnight sensation that got temperatures online soaring. Whether you liked them or hated them, you couldn\'t ignore them

OSM Politician of the Year

Representatives and legislators who used their social media to continue to serve their offices and the people

OSM Inspiration of the Year

The social media presence that can motivate you to move mountains with just one post, picture or Tweet

OSM Influencer of the Year

The one who's fluent in influence and uses his/her substantial following to create movements

OSM Campaign of the Year

The commercial that lit up our timelines with the originality of thought, relatable content and the engagement it garnered

PCJ OSM Fashion Icon of the Year

From quirky to outrageous, traditional to spaceage, glam to casual - this account dictated fashion trends and got our attention with each costume change

OSM Foodie/Chef of the Year

The most appetising account - where the flavours almost seemed to jump out of the screen. These culinary nominees put the \'feed\' in the Newsfeed

OSM Youth Icon of the Year

Those who didn't just vibe with the pulse of the millennial's, but also dictated it

OSM Inspirational Celebrity of the Year

The social media presence of a celebrity that can motivate you to move mountains with just one post, picture or Tweet

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